Here is just a sample of some of the great things principals, teachers, administrators and others are saying about Mr. Jim – Experience the Magic.

His magic show has a twist – it combines drug awareness with entertainment. From the sound of the applause, it seems the students understood.TV 6 News, MI
His performance at our annual conference was enjoyable and received enthusiastically. I would recommend this presentation to anyone!Integral Institute on Addictions
See the Magic… Hear the Message… Feel mesmerized while entertained… Our audiences of students and staff were totally rapt as they listened to the true-life experiences… while impressed by the mastery of the illusions. That’s learning at its best!Bobbie Margolis, MCADY Red-Ribbon Drug-Free Trainer/Coordinator
His presentations give meaning to the words, ‘family values.’ Christian Youth Ministries Convention (IN)
More Testimonials below Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation

Portage Middle School (Kalamazoo), Susan Davidson, Asst Principal
“Thank you sooooooo much…! YOUR ALL-SCHOOL ASSEMBLY WAS GREAT! Students are still talking about it. Being your ‘host’ for the day allowed me to witness your impact on the entire student body. I’m still having conversations with STUDENTS WHO WERE BOTH AMAZED AND IMPACTED by your illustrations. Your classroom sessions certainly HAD A POSITIVE EFFECT on the students…you TOUCHED 190 STUDENTS INDIVIDUALLY in the small groups. Thank you for spending the time and talent it takes to deliver THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGE to our kids.”

Maple Valley/Nashville Jr/Sr High, Todd Gonser, Principal
“I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND “Mr. Jim” to anyone who is looking for a fun, high quality program, for today’s youth learning how to discuss and deal with violence. Students were very excited and glued to the performance…a nice job of discussing issues that sometimes are hard for our youth today to talk about. Students received A VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE and had fun learning about it.”

Mishawaka – J.Young Middle School (S.Bend), Jan MacLean, Principal
“Thank you for your message about the damaging influence of violence and drugs in one’s life. Our students have for the second year in a row, been entertained, amused, and amazed, as they learn from your stories and ‘magic.’ You have an excellent approach that immediately gains their trust, rapport and willingness to participate WITH you in presenting your message. I look forward to future associations with you!”

Three Rivers Community High (Huss), Judi Matusik, Dean of Students
“The magic was wonderful, but YOUR MESSAGES on anti-violence were SUPERB! You had them… [you were] someone who understood them and someone they could trust! Most people view our students as “tuff kids”…but they are still just kids. It is people like you who make a difference.”

New Prarie Jr High (Ind), Jim Dermody, Principal
“Thank you for the EXCELLENT PROGRAM…and OUTSTANDING ILLUSIONS which riveted the audience to your message! The topic was timely and your presentation made a SIGNIFICANT IMPACT. Cliques, bullies, abusive relationships, and responses to aggression are real issues our students face every day. You successfully touched our school in a MEANINGFUL and ENJOYABLE manner. Our students accepted your approach because your message is sincere and innovative. Thank you again!”

Olivet High School (Battle Creek), Dave Campbell, Principal
“Your message about power is a good one, as well as levels of ABUSE in relationships. Helping students identify potential WARNING SIGNS in relationship is critical for teens today. You pointed out the progressive nature [of violence]… CLIQUES lead to PREJUDICE, which can lead to HATRED, which can lead to VIOLENCE…an important message for students and staff alike.”

Thornapple Kellogg Middle School (Barry County), Michael Spahr, Principal
“I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Jim’s program. Our 700 students were spellbound for the entire program…in the “palm of his hand”. He cleverly wound his tricks around his message of anti-violence. The mix was perfect. Kids and staff alike eagerly participated and were delighted. The classroom sessions were equally beneficial. Jim’s manner is very welcoming and thought provoking, which is especially advantagious for the pre-adolescent student…thereby, LEARNING.”

Paw Paw High, Steven Daoust, Principal
“I would like to take this opportunity to COMMEND YOU on your performance…our students were both entertained and EDUCATED. I heard many positive comments from the students afterwards. I liked the way that you incorporated a message about abuse and violence into your magic. They are TIMELY TOPICS…Again, thanks for your efforts to help make society a better place.”

South Bend – Edison Middle, Richard (Sam) Schweizer, Principal
“Our students and staff have enjoyed your magic and messages directed at violence and drugs over the past couple years. We thank you for all you have done for our school and community agencies and look forward to working with you in the future. We also look forward to the LISTEN materials. They will provide follow-up and an opportunity for our teachers to address important issues in their classroom.”

Portage North Middle, Mary Lou Wright, Principal
“We had the opportunity to view Mr. Jim’s assembly on CONFLICT RESOLUTION and Substance Abuse. The students came back from the assembly ANXIOUS TO DISCUSS EXAMPLES that he presented to them, which meant that not only were they listening well, but also that his MATERIAL WAS RELEVANT to them. The discussions became A SPRINGBOARD TO SHARE their feelings.”

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