Take Back Your THINK!

Social media is leaving a mark on our children! Today, 1 out of 5 children, ages 8-10, is engaged in social media–and that stat is quickly increasing! Currently, about 5 million children under 13 are using Facebook.

This age-appropriate magic presentation highlights important issues about social media, and our need to THINK for ourselves. We learn how our use of social media may cause us to miss out on important features of daily life, like play, nature, activities with friends and interaction with our family. The assembly concludes with suggestions about other things that we could do with our time and energy.
Recommend two assemblies: K-2 and 3-5 (multi-media is used with the older grades.)


The negative impact of social media on our students is one of the most important issues facing our schools today. Jim Merrills has developed a K-12 multi-media presentation to inform and engage our students. His other presentations have been a regular and welcomed addition to my school district. I encourage school administrators to consider his newest, and most needed, offering.”

Jim Bermingham, former Superintendent – Berrien Springs Public Schools

We cannot afford to wait until high school to address the growing issues related to social media! As a family counselor, I believe that Mr. Jim’s newest presentation should be reaching our youth in middle school, even elementary.” 

Lt. Col. David DePinho, Chaplain, USAF

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