PRIDE is an acronym, used by many middle/high schools to focus on five key elements for personal success: Professionalism, Responsibility, Integrity, Determination and Empathy.
With a mix of multi-media and magic, Mr. Jim begins with an all-student assembly. This is followed by individual grade presentations, which instill a deeper appreciation for the value of individual goals, the necessity of solitude, personal creativity, and a winning attitude.

Tim Cervin, Principal – Lawton Middle School
“The information was very good and valuable (Mr. Jim’s information always is)…he did a terrifice job of connecting PRIDE to our middle school guiding principles (ROAR).”

Ray Bohm, Principal – Constantine Middle School
“Mr. Jim put on three wonderful presentations for our Middle School. The students were excited about PRIDE and the message of success. He held the students’ attention for the entire forty-five minutes with a message that took our character education program and related it to his PRIDE message. It was a great assembly!”

David Eichberg, Principal – Berrien Springs High School
“You effectively communicated the individual value and importance of our PRIDE guidelines for success…I would highly recommend this presentation to any secondary principal seeking to deliver an effective message about the relationship between expected student behaviors and characteristics for individual success in life.”

Don Price, Principal, Cass Caounty Alternative HS
“I thought Mr. Jim’s newest presentation on being and becoming a successful person was his best message yet!”

Western Michigan University — “First Year Experience” Course (incoming freshmen)

“I began applying the steps, and I’ve seen a change in the way other students act toward me. They are friendlier and open to conversation. I’m making more friends in the process.”
“Throughout this past week I have frequently looked back at the notes he gave us, to make sure I stay on the right track to become the most successful person I can be.”
“Another part of the presentation that I am now applying to my life is “Just do it! Sometimes I avoid what I need to do, and this is a good way to deal with things.”
*“The most important thing I got out of the presentation was, if you feel like a winner, your actions will correspond and you will become successful.”

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