A Healthy Lifestyle

Focusing on Daily Balance

Nothing is more important than our health, and this is especially true for our children. Using a touch of magic, Mr. Jim explains about proper nutrition (healthier foods) and daily choices that contribute to a healthy lifestyle (i.e., exercise, rest, fresh air).

Preparing the “healthy brain test.”

The power of the mind, on a good breakfast.

Mr. Jim’s assistants display food groups, but do not know that a magical prediction is hidden inside the envelopes!

What do the elementary teacher’s have to say?

“A balanced program on overall healthy living is long overdue!”

“The students really enjoyed this, while learning.”

“The student participation was great! The grade-by-grade approach is so much better.”

“Great visual props!”

“Even Kindergarten understand these lessons!”

“Using a scale to explain how some foods have more ‘weight’ (calories) was clever and creative!”

“The ‘Go or Whoa?’ game was really well done.”

A few pics from the multi-media presentation:

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