Elementary School

Anti-Violence & Anti-Bullying

Surveys show that violence in school is a top concern for students. Using age appropriate patter, this presentation focuses on issues like power, conflict, negative feelings and anger, “bullying,” and acceptance.

Drug Free

Grade-appropriate presentations focus on making wise choices and personal responsibility, and much more! Nicotine and alcohol are the primary drugs mentioned. This is the longest running program and a favorite for many schools, especially during Red Ribbon Week and the Great American Smokeout.

Sport (Cup) Stacking

A hands-on program that builds on skills like coordination, concentration, perseverance, team-work,and more!  One of our most requested and popular program–now with Jumbo Cups and a teacher Competition.  We can also provide you with the resources to add this cutting-edge activity to your school’s physical education program.


A hands-on presentation that focuses on setting goals, staying focused on tasks, coping with setbacks, dealing with “put downs”, gaining gratification through personal effort, and building self confidence.

Healthy Lifestyle

Combining visual aids with a “touch” of magic, we cover the basics of a healthy lifestyle. Content includes: identifying healthy foods, maintaining a balanced lifestyle (e.g., exercise, rest), learning how foods “add up” in our body, and much more. Adolescent health is a primary concern in our society and this presentation provides an excellent foundation or supplement for your school’s messages.

3 R ‘s – READING 

Students take a magical and visual journey with Mr. Jim (author of two magic books) as he demonstrates why reading, writing and arithmetic are all necessary for someone who wishes to become an author. Along the way, students watch a book come to life, beginning only with a piece of paper.


This program is based on the 7 HABITS, found in “The 7 Habits of Happy Kids” and part of the Leader In Me program. Using a combination of multi-media and magic, Mr. Jim demonstrates how important these timeless habits are for achieving success.


This presentation is built on the word PRIDE, an acronym that is used by many schools. Professionalism, Responsibility, Integrity, Determination and Empathy. (Of course, any letter can be adapted to a word that your school uses, like “Positive attitude” or “Expect excellence.”)

Take Back Your THINK

This age-appropriate presentation, with multi-media and magic, discusses the pros and cons of social media and the need for us to THINK for ourselves. We discuss for important features in our daily life, like play, nature, and activities with our friends and family interaction.


Did you know that most magic is built on math, in one form or another? In this program, Mr. Jim reveals the power behind many tricks–math!



Special Events

Is your school having a special event? Family night? Reward day? A monthly theme? Mr. Jim can design a show or presentation just for you!

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