What’s Behind the Bullying?

Elementary Presentations

  • Grade-by-Grade Presentations, with magical illustrations
  • Age Appropriate Patter
  • Multi-Media included in 3rd-5th grade presentations


  • Connector.

    Personal Power

    How to use it, and how it can be abused

  • Connector.

    The Difference Between Conflict and Violence

    Conflict is normal. Violence is unnecessary.

  • Connector.

    “Hurting” is more than hitting

    Facial expressions, gestures and words

  • Connector.

    The "Bully" is Not the Most Powerful Person

    He/she is the weakest person in the group

  • Connector.

    "Cliques" hurt all of us

    Especially those who are in them

  • Connector.

    The Power of the "Bystander"

    Most of us don’t realize how much power we have in situations

  • Connector.

    Choices: Bullying, Wimp or Respectful

    In other words: aggressive, passive or assertive–respecting ourselves and others

  • Connector.

    Accepting our Differences

    We are one winning team!

  • Connector.

    Teasing Others Can Hurt Me

    And it often does

  • Connector.

    3 Powerful Words: "I am sorry."

    Words can be powerful. Choose them wisely!

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