Sport (Cup) Stacking

Accept the Challenge!

Sport Stacking (aka “Cup Stacking”) remains the fastest growing sport in schools across the nation! It’s fun, colorful, and furiously fast. And that’s just the beginning!

Sport Stacking is like juggling–using both hands–but it’s performed on the floor. In this sport, the “playing field” is even for everyone–move at your own pace and do your best, during a full-day of grade-by-grade assemblies! Students stack pyramids of various sizes at amazing speed–just like magic, “The hand is quicker than the eye”! The excitement only continues to grow as students “think outside the cup” with a host of activities, and teachers compete! Some schools end the day with an all-student assembly, to watch the fastest stackers face off! No matter how you stack it, it all adds up to FUN! It’s no wonder that Sport Stacking is one of the most requested programs!

Mr. Jim worked with over 700 students today! Students were kept on task while challenged.Portage Middle School, MI
It’s no surprise that physical education teachers have been adding Sport Stacking to their curriculum over the past decade. And your school can too. Following Mr. Jim’s assemblies, your school can opt to display a colorful array of cups for individual student purchase. You can use this fund-raiser to acquire your own school pack! Be sure to ask about this option when you schedule your school assembly.

We only use genuine products, “The Leader in Sport Stacking.” (Use this link to learn more about Speed Stacks and view incredible world-champion videos.)

“Mr. Jim has been authorized by Speed Stacks, Inc. to promote sport stacking with Speed Stacks brand products.”–Bob Fox, President, Speed Stacks

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