Secondary School

Letters of program recommendation available upon requests.
Anti-Violence & Anti-Bullying

The top teen concern in national surveys has been violence at school. This presentation focuses on personal power, conflict, negative feelings and anger, forms of violence, “bullying”, dating and abuse, prejudice, and acceptance.


Mr. Jim’s focus is on healthy choices, personal responsibility, and more. His longest running program, since working in the substance abuse prevention field, this is a favorite for many schools.

Sport (Cup) Stacking

This hands-on activity builds on skills like coordination, concentration, perseverance, team-work, and more!  Mr. Jim can also provide you with the resource information to add this cutting-edge sport to your school’s physical education program.


A hands-on activity that focuses on setting goals, staying focused on tasks, coping with setbacks, dealing with “put downs”, gaining gratification through personal effort, and building self confidence.

Meth Awareness

An interactive multi-media presentation, designed in cooperation with the Oregon Meth Task Force. The presentation addresses this problem in our society from various directions.

Peer-Leadership Training

Magic is a great medium for older students to convey important messages (e.g., drug-free, safe choices, respect) to younger students. Invite Mr. Jim for a peer-training presentation. After learning basic magic principles and presentation skills, your students will be equipped and empowered to teach important messages to the elementary students.


This presentation is based on the 7 HABITS outlined in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.” With a combination of multi-media and magic, Mr. Jim covers 7 timeless habits that are the foundation of personal success.


This presentation is built on the word PRIDE, an acronym that is used by many middle/high schools–Professionalism, Responsibility, Integrity, Determination and Empathy. (Note: the meaning of any letter can be adjusted to your school’s application.)

Take Back Your THINK!

This highly requested multi-media program highlights the pros and cons of social media. We must be able to THINK for ourselves! A growing problem for students and schools, this presentation should be at the top of your list.


Special Events

Does your school have an upcoming special event? Speak to Mr. Jim about a special engagement!

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