Books by Mr. Jim

Experience the Magic & Mr Jim now offer two books available for you to purchase!!!

It’ finally here! Everything you need to host YOUR OWN MAGIC CAMP is now in one book! It had to be–it’s the only book on the subject! Buy it today, read it tomorrow, and host a camp next week! (Well, almost that quickly!)

MAGICIANS IN THE MAKING: A Complete Guide To Hosting A Magic Camp covers it all! You’ll discover the reasons why you should host a camp, where to host them, when, and especially…how! But there is more! MAGICIANS IN THE MAKING provides you with the marketing information you will need to contact and set up your first camp. Samples of flyers and certificates, list of needed supplies, and sample camp schedules are ALL included!

MAGIC magazine wrote: “[ >MAGICIANS IN THE MAKING] is a thorough manual that walks the reader through all aspects of the business. With the summer months approaching, the timing is perfect for planning and establishing your own local or regional magic camps.”


  • Great Magic Tricks!
  • Great Card Tricks!
  • Introduction to 3-ball Juggling
  • Introduction to Cup Stacking
  • Introduction to Balloon Sculpting

But you may be asking yourself, “I wonder if these tricks are nothing more than some lame puzzles for pre-schoolers?” Not at all! Most of these are the very tricks I use to “fool” adults with! And many of them are part of my restaurant and close-up magic repertoire. The magic section includes illusions, escapes, mentalism, predictions, stage tricks, card and money tricks, and more!

The book is published in a 80 page, soft-cover format, with glossy (easy to clean!) cover. We chose this style because it is easy to prop the book open, while using both hands to practice your “magic” routines.

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