The 3 R’s – Mr. Jim’s Reading Show

As an author (“Magical Secrets” and “Magicians in the Making”), Mr. Jim knows the importance of reading, writing, arithmetic–as well as other skills, like drawing. His works have been praised by librarians and masterful magicians alike.


In these grade-by-grade or multiple assembly presentations, Mr. Jim explains why every element of the 3Rs is important. Step-by-step, the children see how a book comes to life, beginning with a couple sheets of paper.


Of course, our ability to write depends on our knowledge of the alphabet, and learning to create words that will fill a book. Student volunteers and teachers participate with Mr. Jim in these teaching exercises.


But no book has been written without the help of math. Students learn how math plays an important part in creating, publishing, and selling a book. (Did you know that most magic tricks are dependent on math on some way?)


“Very entertaining! The assemblies were age appropriate for our Young-5s through 5th grade.”

“Highly engaging and dynamic! He expertly infused magic into his message, about the skills necessary in becoming an author, and motivated students to use their senses and imaginations in their writing.”

“Delightful! I would recommend him for any age school assembly.”

  • Letters of appreciation about all of my programs are available upon request.
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